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Raport NIK dotyczący Stoczni Gdańskiej

Raport NIK dotyczący Stoczni Gdańskiej
pos. Andrzej Jaworski, prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej od marca 2006 do marca 2008. (2009-07-31) Aktualności dnia

Reklama Polski w BBC i CNN

Problem Polskich Stoczni od poczatku chcieli zamknac. Dane kontrakty dla Israelczykow to spodowalao upadlosc Polskich Stoczni! sprzedawali statki ponizej ceny w momencie dobrego rynky 4-5 lat temu. Na kontraktach stracilismy tak samo jak na kontraktach dla Rosji przez 60 lat

Wodowanie w szczecińskiej stoczni

Wizyta Neelie Kroes w stoczniach w Szczecinie, Gdyni i Gdańsku (2009-07-11)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski, były prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej
Formalne zatrzymanie produkcji statków w stoczniach w Szczecinie i w Gdyni (2009-05-29)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Paweł Brzezicki
Debata stoczniowa (2009-05-14)
Rodzaj audycji: [Rozmowy niedokończone]

Autor: Marek Gróbarczyk - były minister gospodarki morskiej, Andrzej Jaworski - prezes fundacji Stocznia Gdańska
Rząd zataił dokumenty przed Polakami (2009-04-21)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: były prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej Andrzej Jaworski, prezes stowarzyszenia Stocznia Gdańska
Zwolnienia w stoczniach (2009-01-26)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Kpt. ż. w. Zbigniew Sulatycki
Co dalej ze stoczniami? (2008-11-07)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski
Co dalej z polskimi stoczniami? (2008-10-03)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski
Walka o przetrwanie polskiego przemysłu stoczniowego (2008-09-19)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - prezes fundacji Stocznia Gdańska, Roman Gałęzewski - przewodniczący Solidarności Stoczni Gdańskiej
Jaka przyszłość przemysłu stoczniowego w Polsce? (2008-08-22)
Rodzaj audycji: [Rozmowy niedokończone]

Autor: Ryszard Kwidzyński oraz Grzegorz Huszcz - b. wiceprezesi Stoczni Szczecińskiej, Lech Wydrzyński i Jerzy Corda - akcjonariusze Stoczni Szczecińskiej, Andrzej Jaworski - b. prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej, Prezes Fundacji Stocznia Gdańska, Brunon Baranowski - czło
Sytuacja w stoczniach (2008-07-09)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: prez. Andrzej Jaworski
Enigmatyczny program zatopienia Stoczni Gdańskiej i sprzedaży Polskiej Żeglugi Morskiej cz.II (2008-06-26)
Rodzaj audycji: [Rozmowy niedokończone]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - b.prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej, prezes Fundacji Stocznia Gdańska; Brunon Baranowski - przew. Komisji Międzyzakładowej NSZZ Solidarność; Mieczysław Folta - kpt. Żeglugi Wielkiej, przew. Rady Pracowniczej PŻM; Paweł Kowalski - przew. Komisji
Enigmatyczny program zatopienia Stoczni Gdańskiej i sprzedaży Polskiej Żeglugi Morskiej (2008-06-26)
Rodzaj audycji: [Rozmowy niedokończone]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - b.prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej, prezes Fundacji Stocznia Gdańska; Brunon Baranowski - przew. Komisji Międzyzakładowej NSZZ Solidarność; Mieczysław Folta - kpt. Żeglugi Wielkiej, przew. Rady Pracowniczej PŻM; Paweł Kowalski - przew. Komisji
Donald Tusk przekazuje nieprawdziwe informacje o polskich stoczniach (2007-10-09)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - Prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej
Problem w polskich stoczniach (2007-01-25)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Paweł Brzezicki - Prezes Agencji Rozwoju Przemysłu
O co walczy Stocznia Gdynia? (2006-12-02)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - Prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej
Stocznia Gdańska wytoczyła proces "Gazecie Wyborczej" (2006-10-19)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - Prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej
Stocznia Gdańska została oddzielona od Gdyńskiej (2006-08-22)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Paweł Brzezicki - prezes Agencji Rozwoju Przemysłu
Co dalej z kolebką Solidarności? Obecna sytuacja w Stoczniach: Gdańskiej i Gdyńskiej. (2006-06-21)
Rodzaj audycji: [Aktualności dnia]

Autor: Andrzej Jaworski - prezes Stoczni Gdańskiej

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Film dokumentalny, którego bohaterem jest John Perkins - były prominentny członek ściśle tajnej organizacji wykorzystującej sfałszowane raporty finans

Film dokumentalny, którego bohaterem jest John Perkins - były prominentny członek ściśle tajnej organizacji wykorzystującej sfałszowane raporty finansowe

Venezuela to Prove It Has World’s Largest Oil Reserves CIA story

Venezuela to Prove It Has World’s Largest Oil Reserves CIA story

June 28th 2005, by Sarah Wagner and Gregory Wilpert –
Caracas, Venezuela, June 28, 2005—PdVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, is preparing to launch a study that will prove that the country’s oil reserves, currently believed to be the fifth largest in the world, actually surpass those of Saudi Arabia, the country which is widely believed to have the largest oil reserves in the world.

According to oil reserve calculations made by previous Venezuelan administrations, the South American nation has upwards of 78 billion barrels of oil. However this estimate does not take into account the 238 billion barrels of extra-heavy oil located in the Orinoco Oil Belt, in the eastern part of the country.

The extra-heavy crude oil of the Orinoco Belt was originally sold as a boiler fuel known as Orimulsion and classified in the same category as coal, not oil, which is far cheaper than oil and does not count towards the oil production quotas set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). At the time, in the 1990’s, Venezuela was already producing over its OPEC quota and so did not want Orimulsion to be counted towards that quota.

In the past ten years PdVSA has been involved in four joint ventures that mix the extra-heavy crude with light crude, to make a more easily transportable and refinable synthetic crude. These joint ventures currently produce 500,000 barrels of oil per day.

The production of synthetic crude has lead Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez to argue that the country’s estimated 78 billion barrels in conventional reserves should be coupled with an estimated 238 billion barrels of extra-heavy crude in the nation’s Orinoco Oil Belt, resulting 55 billion barrels more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia’s, making Venezuela the oil-richest nation on the planet.

If the study confirms PdVSA’s and Chávez’ accounts, it is expected that Venezuela’s influence in OPEC, will not only increase but also bring about a shift in power within the organization – one in which Venezuela exerts more authority and assumes a much greater leadership role.

Pogonowski; Ivo C.
Address:Blacksburg, VA
No. of patents:9

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4319393 Methods of forming swages for joining two small tubes March 16, 1982
Three methods for forming three different, double acting, self-contained swages for joining two small diameter tubes are disclosed. Likewise three double acting small diameter (31/2 inch) combination hydraulic-mechanical swages assembled by the methods are disclosed using hinge arms with
4309891 Double action, self-contained swages for joining two small tubes January 12, 1982
A double acting, self-contained small diameter (31/2 inch) combination hydraulic-mechanical swage is disclosed using an arcuate guide having sliding contact with pivotal arms over a majority of the length thereof, the arms being pivotable with identation tips thereon for deforming and
4220034 Double action, self-contained swage September 2, 1980
Three methods for forming three different, double acting, self-contained swages for joining two small diameter tubes are disclosed. Likewise three double acting small diameter (31/2 inch) combination hydraulic-mechanical swages assembled by the methods are disclosed using hinge arms with
4136008 Ocean oil skimmer for continuous removal of oil from the open sea method January 23, 1979
A method and three embodiments for continuously removing a film of pollutant, as oil, from floating on the water solely by gravity forces is disclosed. One apparatus comprises a closed top collecting vessel or tank of water elevated above the oil covered water with a large conduit ex
4123913 Mechanisms for interconnecting two cylinders underground November 7, 1978
Mechanisms for joining two telescopic cylinders underwater in a temporary and inexpensive manner are disclosed, particularly when used in anchoring piles or in offshore tower legs. A gun fires projectiles radially from internally of the pile formed of telescopic cylinders to form the
4078391 Methods for interconnecting two cylinders March 14, 1978
Methods for joining two telescopic cylinders underwater and underground in a temporary and inexpensive manner are disclosed, particularly when used as anchoring piles or in offshore tower legs. A gun fires projectiles radially from internally of the pile formed of telescoped cylinders to
4064703 Methods and gun for anchoring piles and for temporarily interconnecting two cylinders underwater December 27, 1977
Methods and mechanisms for anchoring piles or offshore tower legs to the soil therearound and for joining two telescopic cylinders underwater in a temporary and inexpensive manner are disclosed. A gun fires projectiles radially from internally of the pile to form the plurality of outward
3955372 Method of installing a fixed marine platform with dispersed base May 11, 1976
A method for fixedly positioned marine platform held at the ocean floor by piles and the like, having a relatively flat concrete apron disposed about the platform lower end and also supported on the ocean floor. The apron functions to stabilize the platform against lateral forces caused
3954610 Method and subsurface work chamber for making transparent an underwater cloudy work area May 4, 1976
A method for making transparent an underwater work area covered with cloudy water for servicing an offshore well and a subsurface well servicing and life supporting work chamber for practicing the method comprising a submarine chamber rotatably mounted on a

2025 Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski

Born Sept. 3, 1921
Lwów, Poland

in Dec 1939 left Warsaw. Dec 30, 1939 arrested by Ukrainians serving the Gestapo in Dukla, then transferred to Barwinek, Krosno, Jaslo, Tarnów, Oswiecim, arrived in Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen on Aug. 10, 1940.

April 19, 1945 started on the Death March of Brandenburg from Sachsenhausen; escaped gunfire of SS-guards and arrived to Schwerin and freedom on May 2, 1945.

September 1945 arrived in Brussels, Belgium; obtained admission as a regular student at the Catholic University: Institute Superieur de Commerce, St. Ignace in Antwerp.

in 1954 graduated in Civil Engineering at the top of his class. Was invited to join honorary societies: Tau Beta Pi (general engineering honorary society), Phi Kappa Phi (academic honorary society equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa), Pi Mu (mechanical engineering honorary society), and Chi Epsilon (civil engineering honorary society). Taught descriptive geometry at the University of Tennessee;

in 1955 graduated with M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering.

in 1955 started working for Shell Oil Company in New Orleans. After one year of managerial training was assigned to design of marine structures for drilling and production of petroleum.

in 1960 started working for Texaco Research and Development in Houston, Texas as a Project Engineer. Authored total of 50 American and foreign patents on marine structures for the petroleum industry;
wrote an article: The Rise and Fall of the Polish Commonwealth - A Quest for a Representative Government in Central and Eastern Europe in the 14th to 18th Centuries. Started to work on a Tabular History of Poland.

in 1972 moved to Blacksburg, Virginia. During the following years worked as Consulting Engineer for Texaco, also taught in Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University as Adjunct Professor in the College of Civil Engineering teaching courses on marine structures of the petroleum industry. Designed and supervised the construction of a hill top home for his family, also bought 500 acre ranch (near Thomas Jefferson National Forest) where he restored 200 years old mill house on a mountain stream.

in 1978 prepared Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary with complete phonetics, published by Hippocrene Books Inc. The dictionary included a Tabular History of Poland, Polish Language, People, and Culture as well as Pogonowski's phonetic symbols for phonetic transcriptions in English and Polish at each dictionary entry; the phonetic explanations were illustrated with cross-sections of speech (organs used to pronounce the sounds unfamiliar to the users). It was the first dictionary with phonetic transcription at each Polish entry for use by English speakers

in 1981 prepared Practical Polish-English Dictionary with complete phonetics, published by Hippocrene Books Inc.

in 1983 prepared Concise Polish-English Dictionary with complete phonetics, published by Hippocrene Books Inc. Wrote an analysis of Michael Ch ci ski's Poland, Communism, Nationalism, Anti-Semitism. Also selected crucial quotations from Norman Davies' God's Playground - A History of Poland on the subject of the Polish indigenous democratic process.

in 1985 prepared Polish-English Standard Dictionary with complete phonetics, published by Hippocrene Books Inc. Also prepared a revised and expanded edition of the Concise Polish-English Dictionary with complete phonetics, also published by Hippocrene Books Inc.

in 1987 prepared Poland: A Historical Atlas on Polish History and Prehistory including 200 maps and graphs as well as Chronology of Poland's Constitutional and Political Development, and the Evolution of Polish Identity - The Milestones. An introductory chapter was entitled Poland the Middle Ground. Aloysius A. Mazewski President of Polish-American Congress wrote an introduction. The Atlas was published by Hippocrene Books Inc. and later by Dorset Press of the Barnes and Noble Co. Inc. which sends some 30 million catalogues to American homes including color reproduction of book covers. Thus, many Americans were exposed to the cover of Pogonowski's Atlas showing the range of borders of Poland during the history - many found out for the firsttime that Poland was an important power in the past. Total of about 30,000 atlases were printed so far.

In 1988 the publication of Poland: A Historical Atlas resulted in a number of invitations extended by several Polonian organizations to Iwo Pogonowski to present Television Programs on Polish History. Pogonowski responded and produced over two year period 220 half-hour video programs in his studio at home (and at his own expense.) These programs formed a serial entitled: Poland, A History of One Thousand Years. Total of over 1000 broadcasts of these programs were transmitted by cable television in Chicago, Detroit-Hamtramck, Cleveland, and Blacksburg.

in 1990-1991 translated from the Russian the Catechism of a Revolutionary of 1869 in which crime has been treated as a normal part of the revolutionary program. Started preparation of the Killing the Best and the Brightest: A Chronology of the USSR-German Attempt to Behead the Polish Nation showing how the USSR became a prototype of modern totalitarian state, how this prototype was adapted in Germany by the Nazis.

in 1991 prepared Polish Phrasebook, Polish Conversations for Americans including picture code for gender and familiarity, published by Hippocrene Books Inc.

in 1991 prepared English Conversations for Poles with Concise Dictionary published by Hippocrene Books Inc. By then a total of over 100,000 Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionaries written by Pogonowski were sold in the United States and abroad.

in 1992 prepared a Dictionary of Polish, Latin, Hebrew, and Yiddish Terms used in Contacts between Poles and Jews. It was prepared for the history of Jews in Poland as well as 115 maps and graphs and 172 illustrations, paintings, drawings, and documents, etc. of Jewish life in Poland. This material was accompanied by proper annotations.

in 1993 prepared Jews in Poland, Rise of the Jews as a Nation from Congressus Judaicus in Poland to the Knesset in Israel, published by Hippocrene Books Inc. in 3000 copies. Foreword was written by Richard Pipes, professor of history at Harvard University, and Pogonowski's school mate in the Keczmar school in Warsaw. Part I included: a Synopsis of 1000 Year History of Jews in Poland; the 1264 Statute of Jewish Liberties in Poland in Latin and English translation; Jewish Autonomy in Poland 1264-1795; German Annihilation of the Jews. In appendixes are documents and illustrations. An Atlas is in the Part III. It is divided as follows: Early Jewish Settlements 966-1264; The Crucial 500 Years, 1264-1795; Competition (between Poles and Jews) Under Foreign Rule, 1795-1918; The Last Blossoming of Jewish Culture in Poland, 1918-1939; German Genocide of the Jews, 1940-1944; Jewish Escape from Europe 1945-1947 - The End of European (Polish) Phase of Jewish History (when most of world's Jewry lived in Europe). Pogonowski began to write a new book starting with the Chronology of the Martyrdom of Polish Intelligentsia during World War II and the Stalinist Terror; the book in preparation was entitled Killing the Best and the Brightest.

in 1995 prepared Dictionary of Polish Business, Legal and Associated Terms for use with the new edition of the Practical Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary and later to be published as a separate book.

in 1996 Pogonowski's Poland: A Historical Atlas; was translated into Polish; some 130 of the original 200 maps printed in color; the Chronology of Poland was also translated into Polish. The Atlas was published by Wydawnictwo Suszczy ski I Baran in Kraków in 3000 copies; additional publications are expected. Prepared Polish-English, Eglish-Polish Compact Dictionary with complete phonetics, published by Hippocrene Books Inc.

in 1997 finished preparation of the Unabridged Polish-English Dictionary with complete phonetics including over 200,000 entries, in three volumes on total of 4000 pages; it is published by Hippocrene Books Inc; the Polish title is: Uniwesalny S ownik Polsko-Angielski. Besides years of work Pogonowski spent over $50,000 on computers, computer services, typing, and proof reading in order to make the 4000 page dictionary camera ready; assisted in the preparation of second edition of Jews in Poland, Rise of the Jews from Congressus Judaicus in Poland to the Knesset in Israel published in fall of 1997. Prepared computer programs for English-Polish Dictionary to serve as a companion to the Unabridged Polish-English Dictionary printed by the end of May 1997.

in 1998 Pogonowski organized preparation of CD ROM for the Unabridged Polish-English Dictionary, Practical English-Polish Dictionary, Polish Phrasebook for Tourists and Travelers to Poland, all published earlier by Iwo C. Pogonowski. The Phrasebook includes 280 minutes of bilingual audio read by actors. Started preparation for a new edition of Poland: A Historical Atlas. New Appendices are being prepared on such subjects as: Polish contribution to Allied's wartime intelligence: the breaking of the Enigma Codes, Pune Munde rocket production; Poland's contribution to the international law since 1415; Poland's early development of rocket technology such as Polish Rocketry Handbook published in 1650 in which Poles introduced for the first time into the world's literature concepts of multiple warheads, multistage rockets, new controls in rocket flight, etc. Poland's Chronology is being enlarged to reflect the mechanisms of subjugation of Polish people by the Soviet terror apparatus. Continued preparation of the Killing the Best and the Brightest: A Chronology of the USSR-German Attempt to Behead the Polish Nation, including the 1992 revelations from Soviet archives as well as the current research in Poland. Continued preparation of two-volume English Polish Dictionary, a companion to the Unabridged Polish-English Dictionary published in 1997. Reviewed Upiorna Dekada by J. T. Gross.

in 1999 Pogonowski continued writing Poland - An Illustrated History and preparing for it 21 maps and diagrams and 89 illustrations.

in 2000 Pogonowski prepared, in a camera ready form, Poland - An Illustrated History; it was published by Hippocrene Books Inc. NY 2000 and recommended by Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor under President Carter, as "An important contribution to the better understanding of Polish history, which demonstrates in a vivid fashion the historical vicissitudes of that major European nation."

Radomscy Żydzi Poland 1939 mordujcie Palestynczykow, tak jak Was mordowano!.

Radomscy Żydzi Poland 1939 mordujcie Palestynczykow, tak jak Was mordowano!.
Wiersz poswięcony pamieci rodzin Holckener i Hirsz z Radomia ktorzy zgineli w Holocaustcie,oraz tym ktorzy przeżyli tą okrutna epoke.
Celina Holckener
Żydowska Dzielnica
Ktos powiedzial:
Urodzilem sie i wychowalem w Radomiu, do 25 lat nie slyszalem w domu o problemach z Zydami i judaizmie jako religii, nie bylo sprawy?. Dzisiaj jestem obywatelem USA, i naglosnienie Zydow doprowadza mnie do "szalu", ludzie-wiary judaistycznej!?, opamietajcie sie , dzialacie na swoja zgube!. Nie mordujcie Palestynczykow, tak jak Was mordowano!. OPAMIETAJCIE SIE WRESZCIE !!!, bo to moze byc dla was koniec?! macie teraz ostatnia szanse , rozmawiajcie ze swoimi rabinami, ktorzy co "wiedza" Wesbes

Radom Żydzi Getto okupacja wojna historia Konrad Gałka poland polska polen pologne

Żydowska Dzielnica, to dziś kraina pełna łez
Gdzie płynie melodia,a w niej nieszczęścia bezkres
W zaułkach slychaċ wciaż jęki zgłodniałych warg
Widaċ zgłodniałe twarze i męki, głosy pełne skarg
To powszednia jest nuta-Wolnosci czekamy cię
I pędzą cieżkie życie wsród krzyku i wrzawy
Prowadzi się szmugiel ze strachem i obawą
Przed śmiercią niechybną i kaskiem uciekają
I tak na chleb powszedni nędzni bracia zarabiają
I dzień jest cieżki a noc uciążliwa
Kiedy do Zwangsarbeit z łóżek się wyrywa
Gdy milycja żydowska wielką groze sieje
Wtedy sie na strychy i do piwnic wieje
Mieszają się głosy pogróżek i rozpaczy
Słychac nahajki twarde uderzenie
Ale gdy o kieszeń ktoś subtelnie zawadzi
Wtedy pewne dla niego wybawienie
Żydowska milicjo ,wyśniony dzisiaj jest wasz czas
Dziś lśnią srebne gwiazdki i czarne płaszcze pełne kras
Komendant i jego świta dziś wodzą prym
Prezesa o nic nie pyta i dobrze mu w tym
Żyj nam długo Gajgierze kochany długo żyj
Na Grodzkiej mieści się Rady gmach
To symbol pieniędzy i starch
Są tam rożne działy, opieki ,stacje
Finanse,kwaterunki i aprowizacje
Istnieją gabinety zacnych kierowników
Leslaów, Feniksztajnów,Winerów ,Fersztendików
Zyskindów,Brawmanów, Martoflów,Fiszbajnów.
I choċby przyszło filozofów czterdzieści
Nikt by nie odgadł co w mózgach ich się mieści
Nikt by nie dociekł poco tutaj siedzą
Chyba tylko oni sami o tym wiedzą
Ci obrońcy zgłodniałych i warst uciśnionych
Od darów opiekunczych bardzo wygłodzonych
Ci radni naszej gminy nie siedzą z własnej winy
Oni skarbią swe zapasy z rożnej przyczyny
Jednych do potęgi fortuny pcha wenera
Drugi zaś trzeciemu piekną żone wydziera
I tak to z posiewu bogini wielkiej wojny
Wzrasta dla możnych płód bardzo hojny
Na zwykłych smiertelników podatki się nakłada
Bo może zbankrutowaċ nasza biedna Rada
Na tematy redukcji głosi prezes mowy
Bo tak mu nakazuje rozsądek jego zdrowy
On rzekomo co pierwszego personel swój odprawia
I codzieńnie nowych przyjęc wznawia
Kochany prezesie, jakiż cenny Diament nasz
Pomyśl Sokratesie co wnet po wojnie czeka was
Czy starczy pni i gałęzi po miastach i wsiach
Czy ziszczą się marzenia rojone we snach
Będziem czciċ waszą "sławe" w modlitwach
Vivat Pax !

Napisała Celina Holckener b.p. w Radomiu w roku 1940-41
Wysiedlona do Tremblinki w sierpniu 1942 roku.
Przetrzymane w pamięci przez Jej kuzynke Hanke-Szolowicz Lior
Wiersz ten napisany w Radomiu w roku 1940-41 przez Celine Holckener która została wysłana w roku 1942 do Tremblinki i tam zgładzona.
Częściowo był recytowany i częściowo śpiewany melodią "Main Jdisze Mame" Orginalnie napisany w jezyku polskim przetrzymany w pamieci jej kuzynki Hanki Szolowicz-Lior.
Odwierciadła on wiernie sposów życia i sytuacje Żydów Radomia,policji żydowskiej i Judenratu w tej okrutnej epoce naszego narodu.
Bo tego nie wolno zapomnieċ.

W roku 1576 Żydzi byli w Radomiu już dobrze zasiedziali, bowiem istniał już wówczas Plac Żydowski. Liczniejsze osadnictwo zaczęło się dopiero po 1814 roku w dobie uprzemysłowienia. W roku 1831 założono cmentarz, w 1848 roku otwarto szpital żydowski, w 1884 roku zbudowano synagogę. W roku 1897 mieszkało w Radomiu 11 277 Żydów (37,6% ludności miasteczka). Jeszcze przed I wojną światową założono jeszywę (1908) i dom starców (1913) oraz 5 bibliotek żydowskich. Znani rabini radomscy: Samuel Mohilewer i Symcha Treistman. W roku 1921 ludność żydowska liczyła 24 495 osób (39,7% ogółu mieszkańców miasta). Wychodziła prasa żydowska. Tuż przed wybuchem wojny w Radomiu mieszkało około 30 tys. Żydów. W marcu 1941 roku Niemcy utworzyli getto. W lutym 1942 roku miały miejsce dwie egzekucje 40 i 42 Żydów, w kwietniu rozstrzelano dalszych 70 i deportowano dużą grupę Żydów do obozu zagłady w Oświęcimiu. W sierpniu 1942 roku wysłano transport około 10 tys. Żydów do obozu zagłady w Treblince. W getcie pozostało tylko 4 tys. osób, z których w grudniu wywieziono 800 do Szydłowca, część w styczniu 1943 roku do Treblinki, a ostatnią grupę w czerwcu 1944 roku do obozu zagłady w Oświęcimiu
Krzywda Polski w cieniu Holokaustu

Krzywda Polski w cieniu Holokaustu ma kilka wymiarów. Dobrze pokazane są fragmenty losu Polski i Polaków w filmie BBC „Behind the Closed Doors” („Za Zamkniętymi Drzwiami”), w którym Polacy są pokazani jako zdradzeni przez Aliantów bohaterzy Drugiej Wojny Światowej. Naturalnie film ten, mimo trzech dwu-godzinnych odcinków, nie zawiera analizy strategicznej Europy, u progu Drugiej Wojny Światowej i kluczowej roli, jaką Polska odegrała w tej wojnie.

Rząd polski wiedział, że od niego zależy czy Polska pomoże Hitlerowi w ramach Paktu Anty-Kominternowskiego i dostarczy mu około trzy i pół miliona ludzi na front wschodni, w czasie kiedy ogóle by nie było ani konfliktu ani frontu na zachodzie Niemiec. Konfiguracja sił po stronie Hitlera byłaby 220 dywizji niemieckich, 100 dywizji polskich, 200 dywizji japońskich oraz około 80 dywizji innych członków Paktu Anty-Kominternowskiego, czyli razem 600 dywizji przeciwko sowieckim 170 dywizjom w 1938 roku, 225 dywizjom w 1941 roku, w którym to roku Sowiety zaczęły formować dodatkowych 170 dywizji.

Trzeba dodać, że liczebnie dywizje niemieckie i dywizje potencjalnych sprzymierzeńców Niemiec, były liczebnie znacznie większe od sowieckich i były lepiej dowodzone. Wiadomo, że w latach trzydziestych, w czystkach stalinowskich, Armia Czerwona straciła ponad 44,000 najbardziej doświadczonych oficerów z marszałkiem Tuchaczewskim na czele. Nic dziwnego, że nawet w odwrocie, Niemcy zabijali dwukrotnie więcej żołnierzy sowieckich niż tracili własnych.

Hańbą Niemców jest wybranie przez nich nieuka i megalomana takiego jak Hitler na głowę ich państwa w chwili, kiedy wierzyli, że Hitler da im dobrobyt i zbuduje „wielkie” Niemcy na następne 1000 lat. Na domiar złego Hitler cierpiał na chorobę Parkinson, lewa ręka trzęsła mu się w sposób nieopanowany. Hitler bał się, że umrze nim dokona swojej „misji dziejowej” i nie dokończy tysiąc letniego „Drangu nach Osten,” na następne 1000, kosztem likwidacji państwa i narodu polskiego na jego ziemiach historycznych.
Najprawdopodobniej Polska uratowała Związek Sowiecki przed upadkiem w chwili, kiedy pozbawiła Hitlera wojsk polskich i spowodowała zdradę Japonii przez Hitlera w 1939 roku. Polska była barierą oddzielającą fizycznie Niemcy od Rosji. Armia polska była zbyt silna, żeby Niemcy mogli iść na Rosję, jednocześnie zwalczając opór armii polskiej i żeby mogli przyłączyć się do japońskich ataków na Związek Sowiecki. Ataki japońskie zaczęły się w 1937 roku i lotnictwo japońskie staczało w walkach przeciwko Sowietom największe bitwy powietrzne w historii do tamtych czasów.

Hitler mścił się na Polakach za pokrzyżowanie mu planów i usunięcie z jego planów walki przeciwko Sowietom nie tylko 100 polskich, ale również 200 japońskich dywizji, co w rezultacie spowodowało roczny brak miliona żołnierzy po stronie Niemiec na wschodnim froncie. Pakt Ribbentrop-Mołotow wywołał oficjalny protest Japonii i starania japońskie o zawieszenie broni, które zostało podpisane 15 września 1939, weszło w życie 16go sierpnia i dało Sowietom okazję inwazji Polski 17go września 1939 roku w chwili, kiedy skończyły się walki sowiecko-japońskie.
Drang nach Osten zaczął się na Lechitach nadłabskich, wzmógł się przez rozbiory Polski i upadł jak Polska odmówiła Niemcom pomocy w podboju Rosji i spełniania megalomańskich marzeń niemieckich o stworzeniu z Rosji terenu kolonialnego od Renu do Władywostoku jak to zapoczątkowała kapitulacja Lenina w Brześciu Litewskim w 1918 roku. W 1945 roku Prusy przestały istnieć, ale Berlin nadal pozostał stolicą Niemiec, którą był siedemdziesiąt kilka lat roku 1871go.

Polska uniknęła likwidacji przez Hitlera kosztem strat 20% ludności oraz ważnego dziedzictwa kultury polskiej na kresach włącznie z niepowetowaną stratą Lwowa i Wilna. Hitler i Stalin dokonywali „odrąbywania głowy narodu polskiego” za pomocą masowych mordów inteligencji polskiej. Niestety działo się to nadal po wojnie w latach terroru Jakuba Bermana.

Za nami jest wiek dwudziesty, wiek, w którym zginęło w masowych mordach ponad 210 milionów ludzi. Dlatego wiek ten nazywany jest „wiekiem śmierci.” Tragedia Żydów w czasie Drugiej Wojny Światowej pochłonęła mniej niż trzy procent ofiar masowych mordów dwudziestego wieku. Wkład Żydów w sowiecki aparat terroru jest nieproporcjonalnie wielki. Lazar Kaganowicz, wraz z Żydami w NKWD, dokonał dwukrotnie większego ludobójstwa na ludności wiejskiej w Sowietach, w ramach kolektywizacji niż Hitler zamordował Żydów dziesięć lat wczaśniej. Żydzi chwalili się, że wówczas ani jeden Żyd nie był głodny w Kijowie.

Jak dotąd, żaden ze zbrodniarzy-komunistów, wśród których było wielu Żydów, nie był sądzony tak jak byli zbrodniarze niemieccy w Norymberdze. Natomiast profesor Norman Fikelstein, autor książki „Przedsiębiorstwo Holokaust,” twierdzi, że oszuści żydowscy z żydowskiego ruchu roszczeniowego, pomnożyli wielokrotnie ilość Żydów, żyjących po wojnie ofiar nazizmu żeby pobrać kilka miliardów dolarów od Niemiec i Szwajcarii i przewłaszczć sobie te pieniądze.

Niestety żydowski ruch roszczeniowy nie tylko okradł Żydów, ale równocześnie zniesławił Polaków anty-semityzmem a równocześnie postawił nieproporcjonalnie wysoko wśród ofiar masowych mordów dwudziestego wieku tragedie żydowską, kosztem wszystkich innych ofiar. Stało się to chyba w imię wyższości Żydów nad nie-Żydami. Kontrast stanowią Żydzi, którzy po pisaniu pamiętników w obozach takich jak Buchenwald lub Bergen-Belzen, po przyjeździe do Izraela i zapoznaniu się z traktowaniem w Izraelu Arabów przez Żydów, oburzeni, stracili ochotę do spisywania swoich dalszych przeżyć.

Przykładem jest książka-pamiętnik więźniarki z Buchenwaldu Hanny Levy-Hass pod tytułem „Dziennik z Bergen Benzen” („Diary of Bergen Benzen”). Książkę tę przygotowała do druku córka autorki Amira Hass i dała wywiad bardzo uczciwej dziennikarce nazwiskiem Amy Goodman, prowadzącej audycje pod tytułem „Demcracy Now.” Dzielna Amy Goodman jest wnuczką rabina, która sumiennie broni prawdy w swoich audycjach takich, jak 8go czerwca, 2009. Tekst jej wywiadów jest na Internecie pod właściwą datą. Amy Goodman jest bardzo krytyczna wobec tego, że Żydzi w Izraelu traktują Arabów tak jak Niemcy traktowali Żydów w gettach, z tą różnicą, że nie stosują wobec Arabów komór gazowych.

Niestety krzywda Polski trwa w cieniu nieproporcjonalnego traktowania tragedii Żydowskiej na tle faktycznych zdarzeń dwudziestego wieku, wieku śmierci ponad 200,000,000 ludzi. Lazar Kaganowicz, wraz z Żydami w NKWD, dokonał dwukrotnie większego ludobójstwa na ludności wiejskiej w Sowietach, w ramach kolektywizacji. Żydzi chwalili się, że wówczas ani jeden Żyd nie był głodny w Kijowie.

Działo się to dziesięć lat przed morderstwami Żydów przez Hitlera, ale jak dotąd, żaden ze zbrodniarzy-komunistów, wśród których było wielu Żydów, nie był sądzony tak jak byli zbrodniarze niemieccy w Norymberdze. Natomiast profesor Norman Fikelstein, autor książki „Przedsiębiorstwo Holokaust,” twierdzi, że oszuści żydowscy z żydowskiego ruchu roszczeniowego, pomnożyli wielokrotnie ilość Żydów, żyjących ofiar nazizmu, pobrali kilka miliardów dolarów od Niemiec i Szwajcarii i przewłaszczyli sobie te pieniądze.

Niestety krzywda Polski trwa w cieniu nieproporcjonalnego traktowania tragedii Żydowskiej na tle faktycznych zdarzeń dwudziestego wieku, wieku śmierci ponad 200,000,000 ludzi. Hitlerowi nie udało się dokończyć niemieckiej ekspansji na wschód, czyli Drang’u nach Osten.” Natomiast Hitler spowodował wielką ucieczkę Niemców z ziem słowiańskich, tak zawany „Ost Flucht.”

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did International Money lenders destroyed Argentina 2001 and Latvia 2009?

Did International Money lenders destroyed Argentina 2001 and Latvia 2009?
Is Latvia making the Argentinean mistake? Are there any similarities?
By Lech Alex Bajan Washington DC

Workers Self-Management in Argentina

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

7/5/09 Gerald Celente on Fox News: Obamageddon is coming

Cold winds are blowing through Latvia. The sun might be shining on the beautiful beaches along the Baltic Sea in this small European Union state, but the temperature of the economy is plunging below zero.
The global financial crisis has hit Latvia hard. Gross domestic product has fallen by 18% percent on an annual basis. As a response to the crisis, public- sector wages have already been lowered by 20% or more. Many schools and hospitals will be shut. The consequences are also political: Latvia's elections to the European parliament on 6 June 2009 showed increased support for the opposition.

The prime minister Valdis Dombrovskis on 9 June secured proposals for even tougher spending cuts amounting to 500 million lats ($9.92 million). This follows demands from international lenders, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union, for state budget cuts to be reduced by an additional 10%.

Andres Borg, the Swedish finance minister, welcomed the news and - while attending a meeting of European finance ministers in Luxembourg - made clear what he expected of his Latvian colleagues: "We are pleased with a more responsible fiscal policy from we need equally strong credibility. (The Latvian government) must do exactly what they say and the effects must be exactly what they say."

NOW this is my post from 2007 You can check?
Is Latvia making the Argentinean mistake? Are there any similarities?

It was a few years ago when corporate TV stations showed a terrible situation in Argentina – a country of a stormy past, but in a pretty good shape since the introduction of global economy. Crowds of people protesting in the streets, soldiers shooting at them. Smoke, squibs, fire and unemployment surpassing 22 per cent. In 2001 Argentina was on the bottom of an abyss, from which – according to Western economists – there was no escape.

Globalists, industrialists and bankers were massively leaving the country taking away with them whatever still could be taken. The media were ordered to forget about that country and its sheer existence. In December 2001 Argentina fund herself in an economical hole into which it was pushed by its elites and globalism. The banks stopped paying out the money. Nobody was able to control the economy of the country. President Carlos Menem, previously in power, an industrialist chosen for the post in 1989, had promised Argentineans beautiful women and Ferrari cars. But through the back door he would sell out the country’s assets to foreign hands for ridiculously low prices. He borrowed large sums of money from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The citizens of Argentina, which thanks to the borrowed money was prospering like never before, cheered for their President and declared him a genius of the free market. The idyll ended when they had to start paying back the borrowed money. In 2001 the gross domestic product went down as much as 11 per cent. However, the country did not receive any additional funds or any concrete pieces of advice from the IMF. The history of Argentina is full of unsuccessful uprisings, sudden upheavals, protests and wars. It is also full of poverty of masses and unimaginable richness of a small group of the chosen ones. It is full of corruption, horrible torture and fascist prisons. But by the end of 1990s the whole world was left speechless. What was going on the streets of Argentina was a warning and a prophecy for the enthusiasts of global economy. In private the journalists were wondering how it was possible to ruin a whole country in such a short time. How was it possible that no one noticed that and no one counter-reacted? Such questions were circulating in the Internet and in private conversations. But newspapers and TV bulletins were chasing for sensation and blubbering about fiscal irresponsibility on a large scale.
Average Argentineans and the new president, De la Rua, were soon to be blamed for everything. Argentina was alive and kicking, but corporate media did not want to let the public know about it. In 1999, when De la Rua was chosen President and the country had already been in recession for 3 years, conniving CNN would announce that Menem had not been re-elected because he could not enter for election for the third time, according to the constitution. However, he said that he would enter the election in 2003. Menem belonged to Peronists party, the biggest political power in Argentina. He was closely linked with the USA, globalism and free market.

The new President of Argentina had almost no move. Peronists were still in power and they attacked him from the very beginning. De la Rua asked his countrymen in his speeches: ‘Please, understand how important is unity. I want to be the President of all Argentineans.’ When economic crash came, International Monetary Fund was the first to wash their hands. Its experts claimed that Argentina spent too much Money although the country’s budget was much smaller than the budget of the USA during the Great Depression. When the economists ridiculed such an explanation, the lawyers of IMF began their attack. They claimed that Argentina had had such rights to distribute the loans to which the Fund had to adjust and which made normal economical functioning impossible. It means that the Fund wants us to believe that poor Argentina dictated them the conditions. All that show was supervised by the elites of the USA. For the last 55 years, during the whole existence of the International Monetary Fund, the voice of the United States has been decisive. Other rich member countries could easily oppose the USA in voting and win, but by some strange coincidence they never did. When we take a closer look at IMF we will find out that in fact it is only a group of lenders ruled by the American Treasury. We should not be surprised then that the American government (and the obedient American and Western media after them) unanimously stated that Argentina must be submissive to the rules imposed on her by the IMF.

Economical analysis Today we know already why Argentina’s economy collapsed, although the media do not want to say it. I am begging here for a special attention of the readers in Poland. In 1991 Menem based the country’s economy on a ‘higher’ currency which was the American dollar. A stable exchange rate of 1:1 between the dollar and the Argentinean peso was introduced. Menem hoped that the dollar would soon become the circulating currency in Argentina. It was quite a good idea at first, but soon it turned out that the value of the dollar was overrated. Automatically the value of the Argentinean peso was also overvalued. Let us pay attention how the euro is functioning in Poland. At the moment when investors figured out that the value of the peso is overrated they started fearing that it would fall. That is why they began demanding higher and higher interest rates on everything. Also on private and government loans. It caused a huge debt.

The interest rate was raised to 40 per cent. To keep up the parity on the American currency, the Argentinian government had to have adequate amount of American dollars in the banks. The more the crisis developed the more American dollars the government had to buy for a significantly overrated price. More and more people demanded transactions in cash. This process pushed Argentina into a debt of 140 billion of dollars. In December 2001 the Argentinian government announced to the world that they are not able to pay anything.

Argentina became the pariah of nations. To keep up the overrated value of the peso, International Monetary Fund gave Argentina huge loans. Only in one year to the country’s Treasury were sent 40 billion dollars as a package organised by many lending institutions. Only one basic requirement that was to guarantee that these loans would be paid off was to maintain zero budget deficit. Which meant that Argentina had to oscillate on 100 per cent of the budget. It is impossible during a recession to keep 100% of a budget, besides it takes some painful operations like serious cuts in the budget, which in turn cause high level of unemployment eventually leading to street fighting on a big scale. How did that process look like from the point of view of an average, hard-working Argentinian? At the beginning of the 1990s Argentinians were encouraged to buy almost everything.

Companies were privatized and incorporated into conglomerates.
People were encouraged to build houses by giving them low-mortgage loans. People were asked to set up their own companies and those who were laid off were given compensation packages. Luxury cars were shown to the middle class and sold for very low down-payments for high-percentage loans and long-term payments. The media shouted out that the situation is so good, that everybody would be able to afford to pay off the loans on cars or houses. ‘You can have everything now – you will pay off later!’. The Argentinians – like Poles today – enjoyed the prosperity not knowing that a trap had been set up for them. After 40 years of poverty and wars they could at last have in their gardens or garages what so far they had seen in American films. With the Western capital came the people whose task was to watch its flow.

They taught Argentinians what the free market and global economy is about. Soon they had such huge influence on Argentina’s administrating structure that the country, practically speaking, lost its independence. In the situation when the American dollar was bought with the peso at the rate of 1:1, everything that was produced in Argentina (as well as services) was too expensive to be exported. The whole country – just like Poland and other countries – was literally choked to death. Import of goods was much cheaper than their production. In that way almost 10% of gross domestic product was destroyed. Mass privatizations at the beginning of the 1990s of almost all national assets for a fraction of its market value had already caused unemployment on a big scale. Mainly electricity, municipal and telecommunication companies were privatized. Globalists know very well how to do it. You start privatizing from the chosen key sectors. After that, other co-operating sectors become incompatible. Then there is no way out but to privatize all other sectors in the structure upwards. When the spiral of privatization went up, the spiral of dismissions from work went down. At the bottom there was a bigger and bigger number of unemployed people ending up with no means of living. On the scale of the country, the spiral movement up was balanced by the movement down. Finally more and more people stopped doing their shopping and the money stopped circulating. So did the taxes. Poor Argentinians did not pay taxes because they had nothing – instead, they started buying rifles. When the money stopped circulating, now privatised companies laid off more and more people to keep up the economy of their firms. Those three inter-related crisises (taxes, unemployment, overrated value of the currency) get the Argentinian government to beg IMF for help or advice. International Monetary Fund, after long negotiations, made their decision. ‘Argentina is too much in debt. We can’t help. Let us leave that country in the state of free falling into an abyss.’

Also, during many military councils the decision was made how to cut off Argentina from the outside world if the expected rebellion of armed Argentinians was to spread across the borders. This decision by IMF get the Argentinians (who foresaw the fall of the value of the peso) to rush to the banks to pay out their savings. The banks were closed, the salaries in many sectors of the country’s economy were held up. In desperation, the President declared that Argentina stopped paying off her debts. The press foretold that in the country there would be hair-raising scenes and after that they lost their interest in the matter.

The Argentinian miracle It seemed that there was no retreat for Argentina. The rats began to leave the sinking ship. President Menem left for Chile. The businessmen and their international advisors were leaving for their countries. Even small investors, whose parents had come to Argentina in search for a better life, frantically tried to get entry visas to their mother countries. Whole factories with full machinery equipment were left behind – it was not profitable to produce there anything any more. The workers were laid off with nothing. Beautiful residences with swimming-pools were left abandoned, as well as whole office blocks lined out with marble. Those who had led to that crisis were moving like locust on other fields which could still be eaten up. ’Time’ magazine was wondering: ‘What can President De la Rua do now? This is a million-dollar question. Whether alone or in a coalition, he immediately needs a plan to ease the crisis. He has to help his countrymen to fill their stomachs and, maybe, to revive economical growth. The problem is that – to ease the results of the crisis concerning poor people – the government has to spend millions of dollars on food and basic needs. And this will cause a further escalation of the financial crisis. Something must happen…’ And it did happen!

The Argentinians trusted their President who broke the negotiations with international financiers. The army, police and ordinary people lined up in support. They claimed that Argentina belonged to Argentinians, not to international financial mafia. The Argentinian government, left alone, made a decision which get the White House and international bankers furious. Against their recommendation, the exchange rate of the peso was freed. Minister of Economy, Roberto Lavagna, stated: ‘Having competitive prices of currency exchange will help our export and enable fulfillment of the country’s needs.’ They also decided to end the free market policy to which the country’s economy was a prisoner.

An economical co-operation with Brazil and China was established. Some capital started to flow to the country. The central bank began to buy the dollar again, but only as much as necessary to keep up the economic growth. When Argentina announced that after 3 years from the moment of separation from degenerated ideas of globalists she was able to pay 30 cents for every dollar of her debt and keep up her unprecedented economical growth, at first nobody believed her. Then the media were strictly forbidden to inform about it. We should not be surprised as it is a palpable proof how quickly an economy of a given country and life of its citizens can improve when they forget about globalist absurdities. In December 2004 the British ‘Guardian’ wrote: Three years ago, in December, Argentina was in crisis. The economy was rolling down uncontrolled into an abyss, banks closed their door to the investors, company presidents changed every week. Today the common opinion among the economists in Buenos Aires are that the country has left the worst behind. Yes, Argentina is still fighting with a complicated process of reconstruction of her debt, but the economy has undergone incredible changes.’

Like Phoenix, the economy has risen from the ashes. After an 11-per-cent fall in 2002, in 2003 the domestic product rose almost 9% and it will rise another 8% this year*. The government carefully announces that GDP will rise 4% in 2005, but most experts in economy believe that in fact the growth will be 5%. The assumptions of ‘free market’ were bad for jobs and employment. In 2002 the unemployment reached its peak with 22%. Now it is 12%. Whether you are faithful believers or not, some commentators say about the rise of Argentina as of a miracle which Rodrigo Rato, the director of IMF, could not cause. The hand of God turned out to be more powerful than the hand of International Monetary Fund. Now nobody is cheating any more. Another thing which is hidden by the media was the fact of absolute unification of the working class with the management class. When the factory owners closed their firms and fled to other countries, their workers and directors occupied nearby cafes and park benches. When they were sitting idly on the streets, they were discussing how to improve their life and situation of their country, doomed to fail. The employees of such abandoned factories as Zanon looked at the gates melancholically. They spent most of their lives in those factories. Finally they made up their minds. They entered the grounds of their empty and devastated factories, started the machines and began production out of the materials which were still in the warehouses. The authorities and the army looked at that almost communist-like behaviour of the people in a friendly manner. Soon department managers, office clerks and economic directors joined the turners, polishers and warehouse men. In the record-breaking time sales and export were initiated.

There were no fixed hours of work. The decisions concerning their factories were taken by the people during short production meetings. It turned out that the production is profitable and needed. What had not been profitable for globalists started to be such for common people without the help from banks and financial cartels. Soon production and sales reached their record levels in some factories. The people shared the profit with one another. They had never earned such sums of money before. So, they started to spend them. Thus building industry and other branches of industry got moving. All that happened so quickly that America did not even have enough time to declare Argentina a communist country.

The Movement of Unemployed Workers (MTD) was established. Soon this organisation had the power to influence politics. And that was yet another mystery of the Argentinian miracle. The rats come back The situation of Argentina began to improve. Globalists and factory owners began to come back and demand a return of their factories taken over by the people. Those who had left the country on the verge of a civil war 3 years before, now have some claims quoting international laws. Does that remind the Poles of something? MTD, which was created almost literally on the streets, is strong. The organization is threatening with mass demonstrations. The ceramics factory, Zanon, the first one to be taken over by its workers and revived to the state of a profitable works, has become a symbol of the new and better, like Gdansk Shipyard used to be for Poles. MTD is considered by CIA and other similar organizations as a group which managed to create the most modern strategies and solutions how to unite and defend people from capitalism. The returning rats from international financial circles are fighting back. Because Argentina constitutes a serious threat to the whole global economy, we should assume that if the USA wasn’t involved in Iraq now, the American soldiers would be defending their oil under the Argentinian grass in the name of democracy, or would be defending the freedom of their country there. Kirchner, new President of Argentina, demands the extradition of the ex-president Carlos Menem, who is in Chile. Menem is wanted by the Argentinian authorities for corruption and bringing the country to ruin. He planned to enter for the presidential election in 2007 and used to promise the factory owners to return their property. Of course, that is why he enjoys the support from international financiers and can afford to laugh at the orders and decisions of Argentinian courts of law. In January 2005 international bankers agreed to the proposal from the Argentinian government to be paid 25 cents for every dollar of the debt. An unseen thing happened – Argentina declared a war to IMF and several other globalist organizations and won. Argentina, protected by her own army, not only blackmailed the globalists, but also refused any negotiations with 700,000 holders of the state bonds. Argentina has an open way to be accepted back to the community of international societies from which she had been thrown away before. And she did it on her own conditions, as a full member, making decisions on her own. Many bankers and international investors accuse Argentina of totalitarism and cheating investors and lenders. It caused quarrels among big financiers, Italian and American among others, who claim that if it was not for 9/11, they would be talking to Argentinians in a different manner. Three months later IMF again began demanding a full payment of the debts. But Argentina was already strong enough being in economic co-operation with Brazil and China to show the bankers from Wall Street ‘the middle finger of her right hand’. Argentina started to prove to the world that about half of the creditors had already made a considerable profit on the Argentinian debts and that it was not fair that they should demand any more.
This opinion was exposed by Chinese and Indian media. By the way, Argentina showed in black and white how some people tried to bring the country to bankruptcy and what it meant in practice. The British ‘Guardian’ writes: ‘Three things worked for the benefit of Argentina. First, Kirchner’s card was strong thanks to the strong economy. Secondly, the truth about IMF was being revealed, that is why they wanted a quick settlement. Thirdly, Wall Street left Argentina just before the crisis and the negotiations were led by European banks. So the American Treasury was not pressed to play hard with Argentina. Also, they did not want Kirchner to make friends with a strong populist, President of Brazil, Lula. Now many indebted countries may follow Argentina’s footsteps – and show the globalists their behind. Including Poland. And that is what the financial circles fear most. A precedence was created. A relatively non-significant country, held up against the wall, defied the wide-spread slogans of democracy, law and free market. And she won – at least so far. There has emerged a big chance for other countries. Now, when the American army is involved in Iraq, they can get rid of the yoke. You only need to want it and go for it. Just like the citizens of Argentina did, regardless of their social function, possessions and education.

Alex Lech Bajan RAQport Washington DC

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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BAJAN MAREK 3-krotny mistrz Polski nauczyciel wf, trener, pięcioboista, olimpijczyk z Moskwy (1980).

BAJAN MAREK 3-krotny mistrz Polski nauczyciel wf, trener, pięcioboista, olimpijczyk z Moskwy (1980).

nauczyciel wf, trener, pięcioboista, olimpijczyk z Moskwy (1980).
Urodzony 29 lipca 1956 w Kraśniku Fabrycznym, w inteligenckiej rodzinie Mieczysława i Krystyny Kowal, absolwent Liceum Ogólnokształcącego (1975) i poznańskiej AWF (1985), gdzie odbył studia w zakresie wf i otrzymał tytuł magistra sportu, trener. Pięcioboista (178 cm, 68 kg), wychowanek Lotnika Warszawa (1973-1975) i trenera Bolesława Bogdana, w dalszej części kariery sportowej reprezentant stołecznej Legii (od 1976) i Lumelu Zielona Góra (od 1981). Miał opinię zawodnika o wyjątkowej pracowitości. Bardzo dobry jeździec, szermierz i pływak. Słabiej strzelał. Zbyt słabo biegał, żeby osiągnąć wyniki wybitne. 2-krotny mistrz Polski (1978, 1979). Na arenie międzynarodowej zadebiutował podczas MŚ juniorów w San Antonio (1977), gdzie zajął: 15 m. (ind.) i 5 m. (druż.). Olimpijczyk (1980). Po zakończeniu kariery sportowej - trener, najpierw tylko szermierki, a później pięcioboju (kobiet) w Niemczech (Berlin). Żonaty (Anna Stein też była pięcioboistką), ma troje dzieci: Agnieszkę (1982), Michała (1990) i Filipa (1993). Mieszka w Drzonkowie (rodzina),
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Polish President Kaczynski July 2009 Poland to host children from Gaza Strip

Polish President Kaczynski July 2009 Poland to host children from Gaza Strip

Polish President Kaczynski July 2009 Poland to host children from Gaza Strip

Dialog międzykulturowy Polska-Palestyna
W środę 20 maja 2009 r. uczniowie szkoły mieli okazję uczestniczyć w spotkaniu poświęconym historii i kulturze Palestyny. Swój udział zapowiedzieli goście z Kancelarii Prezydenta, Urzędu Marszałkowskiego i Ambasady Palestyny.

Program konferencji:
Powitanie gości
„Dzieci ze Strefy Gazy p. Małgorzata Gosiewska - Kancelaria Prezydenta RP
„Jak i co z tym dialogiem międzykulturowym prof. Bassama Aouila - UKW Bydgoszcz
„Palestyna w moich oczach- Natalia Leźnicka - Gimnazjum nr 1 w Chełmży
11.55- 12.40
„ Historia i Kultura Palestyny- dr Khalil Nazzal - doradca ambasadora Palestyny
Taniec orientalny- pokaz w wykonaniu Afrah
Prezentacja galerii zdjęć ...

Warsaw - Seventy-three Palestinian children from the war-torn Gaza Strip will spend three weeks in Poland for psychological care following an invitation from President Lech Kaczynski, the daily Rzeczpospolita reported. The children aged eight to 15 were taken by presidential plane from Egypt to a health centre in Golowice, central Poland, for meetings with mental health specialists.

Many of the children saw family die during a recent Israel offensive in the Gaza Strip, said Mahmoud Abu Aisha, of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.

"Because of the closed borders, Palestinian children couldn't even dream of such a vacation," Aisha told the daily. "Unfortunately, this is the only program of its kind. No other country in the world had this idea like Poland."

More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed and some 5,000 wounded in the Israeli offensive from December 27, 2008, to January 18, 2009.

Lech Kaczyński - President of the Republic of Poland

Born in Warsaw in 1949. Studied law at Warsaw University. In 1971, he moved to Sopot to work as a scholar at the University of Gdańsk. In 1980 he took a doctor’s degree in labor law, and in 1990 he was awarded a post-doctoral degree.

In 1977, he began to work for the Interventions Office of the Worker Defense Committee. A year later be became involved in the activity of Independent Trade Unions. In August 1980 he was nominated as an adviser of the Gdańsk Inter-plant Strike Committee. He was also a delegate to the First National Congress of the „Solidarność” Trade Union. Interned during the martial law. When released from internment, he returned to trade union activities. He was a member of the underground Solidarity authorities.

In December 1988, became a member of the Civic Committee with Lech Wałęsa. He took part in the Round Table Talks in the team focused on trade union pluralism. In 1990, he was nominated as the Union’s first deputy chairman involved in the running of the Solidarity Trade Union. He was elected senator in the June 1989 election, and two years later a parliamentary deputy representing the Center Civic Alliance Party. In 1991, he was appointed as the head of the National Security Office at the President’s Chancellery. A year later, in1992, he was nominated as the president of the Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK) and he continued to hold that office until 1995.

In June 2000, Lech Kaczyński was nominated as the Minister of Justice by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek. He soon became the most popular member of the cabinet.

In April 2001, he was elected as the head the National Committee of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) to be elected the party’s president in spring 2001. After the September 2001 parliamentary election he returned to the parliament as the party’s deputy. In autumn 2002 he was elected Warsaw’s mayor with a big advantage over his opponents. He started his term in office by declaring a war against corruption – the so-called „Warsaw connections” - and by restoring law and order. In March 2005 he officially declared his intention to run as a presidential candidate.

Elected President of the Republic of Poland on October 23, he assumed the office on December 23, 2005 by taking an oath before the National Assembly.

Lech Kaczyński’s wife, Maria, is an economist. His daughter Marta graduated from the Department of Law at Gdańsk University. She is married to Piotr, and in 2003 she gave birth to her daughter, Ewa.
Mr. and Mrs. Kaczyński are fond of animals. They have two dogs and two cats.
Polish aid for Gaza conflict victims
Friday 9 January 2009, by Kasia Zegadlo

Polish humanitarian organizations are providing emergency aid to the victims of the armed conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Caritas Poland has allocated 20 thousand dollars, mainly for medical aid provided by Caritas Jerusalem in its permanent health care centers. The money is used also to organize more first aid stations. Caritas Poland started a fund raiser among Poles to finance help for people who have suffered in the armed conflict in Gaza

Also the Polish Humanitarian Organization is collecting funds for this purpose. Its head Janina Ochojska says the organization will provide emergency aid through local humanitarian organizations, which have access to the Gaza Strip. This is how it hopes to send aid to a dozen of families of Polish women, who live in the region

Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto - George Galloway - 2 Jan 09

A Letter to Palestine" is a poetical and musical expression of yearning and nostalgia; based on historical facts. Lots of Jews in pre-war times decided to leave European countries (Poland included) for a New Land -- Palestine and reasons might have been various: orthodox, sionistic or just sentimental . The song is a confession and complaint of a couple which by such a decision got separated and stay far away from each other (a letter...).
Sung with true affection by Adam Aston, 1934.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

XVII Pielgrzymka Rodziny Radia Maryja na Jasną Górę: Przemówienie prof. dr hab. Bogusław Wolniewicz (2009-07-12)

XVII Pielgrzymka Rodziny Radia Maryja na Jasną Górę: Przemówienie prof. dr hab. Bogusław Wolniewicz (2009-07-12)

XVII Pielgrzymka Rodziny Radia Maryja na Jasną Górę: Przemówienie prof. dr hab. Bogusław Wolniewicz (2009-07-12)


Czcigodni Pasterze Kościoła
Wielebni Ojcowie i Kapłani
Szanowni Państwo, współpielgrzymi moi i rodacy!

Gdy patrzę na tę rzeszę ogromną, myślę sobie: oto awangarda Narodu w jego walce zachowania własnej duszy. Jego straż przednia - moherowe berety! To określenie musiało być ośmieszającym przezwiskiem, a całkowicie odwróciło swój sens i stało się zaszczytnym wyróżnieniem. Stało się dzięki wam - żeście się go nie ulękli. Awangardę zatrzymać nie tak łatwo.
Ta awangarda, jak już nieraz w naszych dziejach bywało, skupia się dziś wokół Kościoła i od niego oczekuje wskazań i wskazówek. Ma to swą głęboką przyczynę. W świecie Zachodu zmagają się dwie wielkie siły - my i oni - a przedmiotem tych zmagań jest chrześcijaństwo. Dla nas dziedzictwo chrześcijańskie to skarb, którego trzeba bronić i strzec; dla nich to balast, którego trzeba się rychlej pozbyć, by w to miejsce postawić swoją wieżę Babel. Jedna im się dwadzieścia lat temu zawaliła, ale już stawiają drugą, równie straszliwą.
Nie miejmy złudzeń, trwa wielka próba sił, w której nawoływania do "dialogu" to podstęp. W tej próbie sił nie strona chrześcijańska jest stroną atakującą. Napastnikiem są oni - międzynarodówka lewackiego libertyństwa ze swym rozpasanym bezbożnictwem, paradującym chętnie jako "laicki humanizm".
Weźmy najświeższe przykłady tej bezbożnej agresji. Oto nie cały miesiąc temu tutaj, na Jasnej Górze, miał miejsce incydent sprowokowany przez emisariusza znanego dziennika ("Rz", 22 i 23 czerwca 2009) Podczas pielgrzymki młodych emisariusz ów usiłował zakłócić jej przebieg, rozdając ulotki podburzające przeciwko jej organizatorom i nie podporządkowując się interwencji jednego z zakonników, jak najbardziej słusznej i uzasadnionej.
Zdawałoby się: drobne zajście. Wcale niedrobne! Bo to był pierwszy w Polsce przypadek, że poważono się dokonać bezpośredniego zamachu na przebieg czynności sakralnej, pewnego katolickiego obrzędu. Pielgrzymka to nie jest wycieczka ani festyn. To jest prastary obrzęd religijności: gdzie idą pielgrzymi, tam miejsce jest święte. A ten łobuz i jego mocodawcy próbowali go splugawić.
Uprzytomnijmy sobie, co to znaczy. Zamachów wprost na katolicki akt religijności dotąd w Polsce nie było. Tu była granica, którą respektowało także państwo komunistyczne przez całe czterdzieści pięć lat swojego istnienia. A teraz ją przekroczono! Znaczy to, że agresja bezbożnictwa weszła na następny szczebel zuchwalstwa; że przez swą bezkarność odniosła swe nad nami zwycięstwo.
Oto drugi przykład: Pamiętamy, jak swego czasu "artystka" z Gdańska bezcześciła pornograficznie symbol Krzyża Świętego. Proces trwał 7 lat. A miesiąc temu - 4 czerwca - gdański sąd ją uniewinnił, uzasadniając swój horrendalny wyrok tym, że jakoby "nie miała zamiaru obrażać czyichkolwiek uczuć religijnych" ("Rz", 5 czerwca 2009). Nie będę się wdawał w ławą krytykę tego niedorzecznego "uzasadnienia", urągającego prawu i zwykłemu rozsądkowi. Powiem tylko jedno: tym wyrokiem sąd dał zielone światło profanatorom i bluźniercom, stanął jednoznacznie po ich stronie. Taki sąd nie jest "niezawisły", choć takim się mieni. Nie jest to nawet sąd tylko niesprawiedliwych. Taki sąd to jest sąd krzywoprzysiężny.
Ostatni przykład jest sprzed tygodnia. Pewien poseł Platformy Obywatelskiej z Lublina, znany z wybryków, znieważył świętokradczo imię Chrystusa. Wniesiono przeciw niemu słuszną skargę z art. 196 kodeksu karnego. I oto w poniedziałek, 6 lipca, prokuratura obwieściła, że sprawę umarza "wobec znaku znamiennego przestępstwa" ("Rz", 7 lipca 2009) - choć znamiona takie są. Umarza zatem w niezgodzie z duchem i literą prawa. W ten sposób państwo polskie zapaliło bluźniercom zielone światło; a tym razem uczynił to organ rządu, za jego działania odpowiada sam premier. To on je zapalił ręką swego prowokatora.
Niektórzy radzą: "Poczekajmy, może to się samo wypali". Mylą się zupełnie: zło samo nie wypala się nigdy. Gdy nie trafi na opór, szerzy się wciąż dalej i dalej. Zło jest plenne - jak perz. Powstrzymać je może tylko siła: murem nieugiętego oporu, o którym roztrzaska sobie w końcu swój łeb.
Dlatego trzeba rzec jasno i wyraźnie: dość bluźnierstw! Dość traktowania w Polsce wiary katolickiej jako wolnej zwierzyny łownej, na którą zapolować może bezkarnie byle pismak gazetowy i byle siksa udająca "artystkę". Dość również takich władz państwowych, które za prawem rzekomej "niezawisłości" i "światopoglądowej neutralności" wspierają i formują antychrześcijańskie lewactwo i bezbożnictwo.
Stworzono cały system jakiejś upiornej pedagogiki społecznej - system obejmujący media, sądownictwo i szkolnictwo z góry do dołu, od uniwersytetu do przedszkola, i z powrotem. Ma on jeden cel główny: tresować Naród w lekceważeniu i pogardzie dla chrześcijańskiego dziedzictwa naszej cywilizacji. A oswajanie Polaków od dziecka z bezkarnością bluźnierstw to jeden z walnych instrumentów tej upiornej "humanistycznej" pedagogiki.
Temu złoczyństwu trzeba położyć kres!
Zapyta ktoś: "Ale jak to zrobić"? Odpowiadam: tak, jak to wy sami już w tej chwili tutaj robicie - wy, Moherowe Berety (przez duże M i duże B). Rzesza, która tu stoi, to nie przelotne zbiegowisko, to armia - armia Kościoła, ożywiona jednym duchem i zaprawiona w trudach niejednej pielgrzymki, zwarta i zdyscyplinowana. Taka armia to siła, i przeciwnik to wie. Nienawidzi tej siły, to jasne, ale musi się z nią liczyć. Sama wasza tutaj obecność trzyma go już tutaj w pewnych ryzach: widzi, że jeszcze nie na wszystko może sobie wobec Kościoła pozwolić. Jego tupet i bezczelność są zawsze odwrotnie proporcjonalne do naszej siły. Budujemy więc tę siłę - alleluja, i do przodu!
Szanowni Państwo, drogie Moherowe Berety! Podziwiam was za waszą cichą działalność i za wasz pielgrzymi trud. Przybyłem tu. Przybyłem tu, u kresu mojego życia, bo czuję się jednym z was.
Niech będzie pochwalony Jezus Chrystus!

Waldemar Dworakowski
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 15:35:56 -0800

*** From [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Waldemar Dworakowski)

Prawdopodobnie czesc z Panstwa juz ten tekst widziala - na
wszelki wypadek wysylam...

Open letter to Mr. Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the New York State
Assambly(Polish version below/ Polska wersja ponizej)


It is with deep regret that we hear of the actions, that are
undertaken, to try to missinform the public opinion about the
issue of any debt that Poland as a nation is due to the Jewish
population. Whoever looks carefully will see that there is an
international effort by the Jewish community directed against
Poland and against the Polish nation. We can give you numerous
examples of that from USA, Australia, Belgium, South America,
Great Britain, and so on and so on.

Sir, looking back into the history, how many lives of the Polish
people were lost because of the collaboration of Jews either
with the German or Russian occupant. If one starts making
counts, who knows who was more immoral - the Germans, Russians
or maybe the Jews who were collaborating with the occupant. How
many Poles were sent to Siberia just because they were denounced
by some Jews - they count in thousands. Up to this very day the
issue of concentration camps organises by Morel brothers in
Poland is not resolved and the State of Israel refuses to pass
these criminals to Poland.

We, the Polish community, are shocked by this outrageous
anti-polish actions that are massively being taken by the Jewish
community trying to missinform the international opinion about
the historical facts and trying to pass the responsibility onto
the Polish nation. It seems as if "old" Jewish-American
community (from before the II World War) is trying to wash away
its own blame for the holocaust. When in 1942-3 Polish and
Jewish courriers were sent to the US informing of the horrors
being fabricated in the concentration camps - nobody believed
them, the Jewish-Americans including. How can one blame Polish
nation and try to make them responsible for things they have not

We therefore, oppose any action that is being undertaken and
which has a clear anti-polish background. We urge you to stop
these actions which falsify the historical facts and historical

At the same time we strongly appeal to the Polish authorities to
intervene in this outrageous matter and put a stop to these kind
of non-senses.

P.S. Note of explanation to the readers. On March 22, 2001 in
New Your there is a scheduled hearing on the Polish Property
Restitution organised by the Jewish community.
Official note from the Jewish organisers on the hearings:

"Sheldon Silver is the Speaker of the New York State Assembly.
The hearings are meant to educate him and other members of the
Assembly about the wrongs committed against Jewish Poles after
WWII, the refusal of the Polish Government to face up to its
responsibilities, and the impact of that refusal on New Yorkers
and others. Our goal is to impress upon the Legislators the
importance of these issues so that the State of New York will
help convince the Polish Government to adequately compensate
Holocaust survivors and their heirs for the theft of
Jewish-owned property after WWII. Your attendance is crucial." -
I leave it without comments. May the reader draw his/her own

In this particular matter all correspondance should be addressed


Christopher Skotnicki

Polish-Belgian Assoc. Brussels

Wesja Polska

List otwarty do Pana Sharon Silver, predstawiciel Zgromadzenia
Narodowego w Nowym Jorku

Szanowny Panie,

Z wielkim ubolewaniem dowiadujemy sie o przedsiewzietych
akcjach, ktore maja na celu wprowadzac w blad opinie publiczna
na temat jakichkolwiek dlugow narodu Polskiego wzgledem Zydow.
Ktokolwiek sie uwaznie przyglada co sie dzieje na swiecie
zauwazy, ze nasila sie miedzynarodowy wysilek Zydow skierowany
przeciw Polsce i narodowi Polskiemu. Mozemy podawac niezliczone
przyklady z USA, Australii, Belgii, Poludniwej Ameryki, Wielkiej
Brytanii itd itd.

Szanowny Panie, patrzac w przeszlosc, ilu Polakow stracilo zycie
z powodu wspolpracy Zydow z niemieckim czy sowieckim okupantem?
Jesli zaczniemy liczyc to nie wiadomo kto okaze sie bardziej
niemoralny - Niemcy, Sowieci czy moze Zydzi, ktorzy
wspolpracowali z okupantem. Ilu Polakow zostalo zeslanych na
Sybir dlatego tylko, ze zostali wydani przez Zydow - tych ludzi
liczyc trzeba w tysiacach. Do dzisiaj nie jest rozwiazana sprawa
obozow koncentracyjnych zorganizowanych przez braci Morel na
terenie Polski, a rzad Izraela odmawia przekazania winnych w
rece Polskich wladz.

My, Polacy, jestesmy wzburzeni skandalicznymi anty-polskimi
akcjami organizowanymi masowo przez wspolnoty Zydowskie, a ktore
maja na celu wprowadzanie w blad miedzynarodowa opinie publiczna
odnosnie faktow historycznych i prob zrzucenia odpowiedzialnosci
na narod polski. Wydaje sie ze "stara" wspolnota Zydow
amerykanskich (sprzed II wojny swiatowej) probuje zmyc wlasna
odpowiedzialnosc za holocaust. Kiedy w 1942-43 polscy i zydowscy
kurierzy byli wysylani do USA z informacjami horrorow dziejacych
sie w obozach koncentracujnych - nikt im nie wierzyl, Zydzi
amerykanscy rowniez. Jak mozna teraz probowac obwiniac narod
Polski za rzeczy, ktorych nie uczynili.

Z tego tez wzgledu, ostro sprzeciwiamy sie jakimkolwiek akcjom
majacym charakter anty-polski. Przynaglamy aby wszelkie akcje
falszujace historyczne fakty i odpowiedzialnosci zostaly

Jednoczesnie zwracamy sie z usilnym apelem do wladz polskich o
interwencje w tak skandalicznych sprawach i zastopowanie tego
rodzaju nonsensy.

P.S. Wyjasnienie dla czytelnikow. 22 marca 2001 jest
zorganizowane przez wspolnote Zydowska masowe przesluchanie w
sprawie zwrotu mienia polskiego.Oficjalne wyjasnienie
przesluchania podane przez organizatorow Zydow brzmi

"Sheldon Silver jest przedstawicielem Zgromadzenia Narodowego w
Nowym Jorku. Przesluchanie ma na celu pouczenia jego i innych
czlonkow Zgromadzenia Narodowego o krzywdach wyrzadzonych Zydom
Polskim po II wojnie, o odmowach Polskich (USA) aby one
wplynely na wladze polskie i odpowiednio wynagrodzily skradzione
mienie Zydom lub ich potomkom. Wasza obecnosc jest istotna" -
zostawiam to bez komentaza. Niech czytelnik wyciagnie wlasne

W tej konkretnej sprawie mozna pisac protesty pod nastepujacy

Radio Maryja kontakt:
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z dopiskiem: "Dar na cele kultu religijnego"
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